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A fresh new coat of paint on your interior walls is the best way to refresh the outlook of your home and make it feel more welcoming. Whether you choose to DIY an interior paint job or call a professional company for a complete interior house painting service, want you  to know these secrets.

It is important because there are a lot of painting companies within Texas who are not experienced enough to provide a satisfying job. If you don’t know the secrets of a good interior paint job, you could end up with a lackluster service that won’t last too long, wasting your time and money.

At Encore Painting, Mckinney, Texas, we believe every homeowner should know the ins and outs of painting their house walls. Whether you choose to hire a professional or DIY it all, these tips from our professional team will surely help you out.

Always Sand Away The Flaws

  • Want perfectly painted walls? Then you’ll have to make sure that you are painting on a smooth surface. Use sandpaper to sand away any flaws on the wall or the woodwork you are going to paint. 

Sanding out joint-compound patches or spackles to flatten ridges around the nail holes will help to smooth the surface completely for a very neat job. 

  • Sand the walls beginning from the baseboard towards the ceiling with a very fine-grit sandpaper. Then begin sanding horizontally along the baseboard and the ceiling. Avoid putting too much pressure on the sanding pole because it can flip over and damage your wall. 

Buy Good Supplies

  • There are many painting contractors here in Mckinney that try to help you save on costs by encouraging you to buy cheaper paint supplies. We highly recommended that you invest in good quality paint and tools, especially the brushes and rollers. 

If you buy a paintbrush costing $2 from a store, it is just going to turn everything into a smeared paint job on the wall. And you’ll soon realize that this kind of brush starts to lose its bristles after a few strokes.

  • And never hesitate to invest in very high-quality paint because the better the paint is, the longer it will last. The best thing about good quality paint is that you can wash off most of the smudges and dirt from it by a simple washcloth. Cheap paint tends to attract more smudge and is harder to clean. 

Use Box Paint Method for Consistent Results

  • One of the most common painting problems most homeowners face is uneven paint. The difference between the paint can be very obvious if you are not careful. To ensure that the results are consistent throughout, mix the can of paint with a five-gallon bucket, also known as the boxing process.

You may see some experts painting directly out of the bucket because this eliminates the constant need to pour the paint on a roller tray and the bucket is often very heavy to move. 

Need Professional Help?

While these tips are great to help you complete a neat interior paint job, for the best and longest-lasting results, always hire professional painters. Encore Painting has been serving Mckinney and surrounding cities for several years. We provide all kinds of exterior and interior paint services. If you are afraid that our services may be costly, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll let you know the estimate and might even give you a good deal!