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Painting is a crucial part of the maintenance of your office space and whether you believe it or not, a fresh coat of paint can raise the morale of your staff. However, it is a very tough task for a busy office. If you’re considering getting an interior paint job for your office, you must read on these important tips to help you get through the process as smoothly as possible.

When Does It Become Necessary To Paint Your Office?

  • At Encore Painting, we believe that every office should opt for a fresh coat of interior paint every two to three years. This ensures that your office maintains its clean and fresh look that continues to appeal to your clients and keep the morale of your staff up.

If you are moving to a new office location, or renovating your current space, you will probably need the office painted in these situations as well. Transition time is the perfect time to give your office a fresh new paint. It also allows you to paint your office in such a way so that it reflects your brand image.

When Should You Schedule An Office Paint Job?

  • As a busy office, it is always a good idea to schedule a paint job during the weekends. If you cannot get it done on the weekend, then you’ll have to make some sort of arrangements for your staff so that they can continue to work elsewhere.

This is important because the fumes from fresh paint can have adverse side effects on the human body, ranging from frequent nausea to several other allergic reactions. Moreover, it is important to learn the special health conditions of your staff before you begin the painting process. For instance, people who suffer from asthma may get a severe reaction from the fumes of the paint.

What Colors Should You Choose For Your Office?

  • Color plays an important part in providing a visual stimulus that impacts the behavior and mood of the people. So before you choose the colors, make sure that you are choosing a color that creates the desired effect.

For instance, colors like greens, blues, and grays are cool colors that are believed to boost the productivity and concentration of the individuals working in the room. Warm colors such as reds and yellows are believed to boost alertness, energy, and optimism – perfect for gyms and other kinds of spaces where physical activity is frequent.

  • However, keep in mind that choosing warm or cool colors only is not your only options. You may choose to go with neutral colors such as black and wood grain finishes. Industries such as law firms and financial institutions may want to stick to neutral colors while creative agencies may want to go with brighter colors.

Similarly, medical institutions may want to stick with blue or pale greens. You can always pick additional colors and apply them creatively in accents and furniture of your office. 

  • For a room to play its role in your office, you can stick to several different colors based on the department that is operational in a given room – if you have multiple departments or teams working in separate spaces. 

For instance, the reception area of your office is probably the first impression room of your business and it should be painted according to your brand image to induce feelings of trust and goodwill.

Ready For An Interior Paint Job?

If you have decided to have your office repainted, don’t give the job to an inexperienced painting contractor. Encore Painting has been serving homes and businesses in Texas for two decades now. We use award-winning methods and products to get a paint job done.

We also provide free estimates no matter how big the job is or where it is located. So log on to our website and request a free quote today and let us bring a fresh new look to your office.