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Your wood deck is probably the best and most beautiful extension of your home. But the summer sun and other weather conditions in Texas brings with it a host of problems for your deck if you leave it unchecked, especially in the cold winter months. To protect your deck from weather damage, and prolong its life, it is essential to maintain it.

We sat down with experts from Encore Painting, Mckinney to discuss how homeowners can maintain their wood decks to ensure that significant repair costs are avoided.

3 Tips To Help You Extend The Life of Your Wood Deck

Wash The Deck Weekly

The surface of the deck which is exposed to the outside environment can easily collect a lot of grime, debris, dirt, and pollen on a near-daily basis. If not washed at least once a week, these things can degrade the paint, wood decking or stain.

So it is very important to sweep and wash your deck with water and surface cleaner at least once a week.

Move Around Potted Plants Regularly

  • Potted plants add a lot of beauty to your deck but can also cause stains and spots on the wood due to water and soil runoff. Any surrounding plants and trees on the landscape can cause damage to the deck if they are growing very near it.

To solve this problem, move around potted plants at least once a week or biweekly to keep the wood surface of your deck clean. You should also cut and trim any plants and trees near the deck occasionally.

Consider Staining and Repainting

  • Rain, sun, and hail can cause your deck to lose its paint or fade out. In times like this, it is a good idea to repaint and restain the deck. You can do this on your own or call in the experts. Encore Painting has been providing wood staining and painting for several years in Mckinney and surrounding areas with award-winning methods.

Get in touch with the company if you want a professional job done. With professional jobs, you will easily extend the life of your deck to many years to come.

Look for Any Cracks or Rots in the Wood

  • Unfortunately, wood decks cannot sustain a lifetime of weather damage. The wood will surely show signs of cracks and rot after a few years even if you have had it repaired, stained, or painted in the last few years. 

The best way to ensure that the damage does not get to an extent that you need a full replacement, check signs of cracked boards or dry rot and replace individual areas if needed.

Caring and maintaining your wood deck is an investment that ensures your home value will be the same or increase in time. At Encore Painting, we specialize in keeping your wood deck functional and beautiful for years to come through our skilled carpentry repairs as well as staining and painting services. We provide free estimates so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.