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Do you wish to add some color and zest to your home while also channeling your inner artist? If so, let us tell you about an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home without having to buy expensive paintings or wallpapers. We are talking about the faux finish painting technique. 

Haven’t heard of it? Let us explain it to you.

Faux finishing is the art of creating beautiful designs and replicate different textures such as marble, wood, suede, or stone. All of this is achieved by using decorative home paints.  You can decorate the bare walls by playing with paints. You can create a mural or some eccentric design resembling a real painting. 

The technique requires patience, expertise, and an aesthetic sense. Since faux paintings are a replica of the real thing, they have to be done meticulously so they don’t appear tacky. 

It is a fun activity. It is an inexpensive alternative to decorating your room with expensive things. Listed below are four innovative ideas for faux finishing the walls of your homes:

Take Inspiration from Your Favorite Materials and Fabrics

  • Look around and see which designs and materials appeal to you the most. Is it the closely knit pattern of a burlap sack? Or the crisscross design of a seagrass basket? You can also look at your favorite fabrics for inspiration. Maybe you would want to replicate the cheetah print on to your wall, huh?

Whichsoever design you like the best, replicate it on your wall. Use different paints and brushes. It doesn’t have to be precise. Bringing out a vague sense of the design onto the wall will do the trick. 

 Add a Hint of Marble

  • Marble is a commonly used home construction material. Even though we want to use it in abundance, marble walls will cost you quite a fortune. But with faux painting, you can create a marble lookalike on your wall. 

There is a technique called ‘marbelizing’ which helps create the elegant and patchy marble-like pattern on a surface. You can marbelize architectural structures of your home like columns and corbels. They will produce an artistic effect and will contrast well with dark-colored furniture. 

Rustic Appearance with Plaster

  • Platser was a popular construction material in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is cheap, readily available, and gives strength to the home. While it is not used for construction anymore, you can have some fun by creating a plaster faux finish on your wall. 

Special primer paint is available in the market which gives your walls the rustic appearance of plaster.

Create a Contrast between Vintage and Modern Look

  • There are a few faux finish techniques you can try to add depth to your walls. They also help in creating a vintage look. Sponging, graining, layering and distressing are some of the ways through which you can add a sun-baked Tuscan look to your home.

It will contrast wonderfully with a modern-day home. 

A DIY faux finish painting project can be a lot of fun. However, if you are not confident of your abilities then we recommend you to hire professional painters.

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