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Out of all the sections that you could paint in your home, one of the most important is your home’s trim. If you’re like most people, however, you probably haven’t touched it since you moved in. 

Sure, walls and doors are a lot easier to paint, but you can change the look of a room tremendously just by giving the trim a little TLC. The trim of your home plays an essential part in tying the entire look together to make it look sleek and elegant. 

Although it’s often thought as a difficult task, painting the trim is actually simpler than you would think, especially when you have the right trim products and knowledge. However, as easy as dealing with trim is, giving it a perfect finishing touch is a part where most people tend to go wrong.  

4 Pro Tips to Help You Paint the Trims of Your Home

A simple guide to painting your home’s trim 

Are you inexperienced with DIY painting? There’s no need to worry. Everyone has to start somewhere. But if you carefully read and follow our guide on painting home trim, you’ll surely get the results you’ve always wanted. 

Choose the right paint sheen to work with 

Aside from choosing the paint according to the effect you want to get in your final trim project, another important factor in picking the perfect sheen to work with is the texture of the trim’s surface. 

The reason why the surface of the trim is important is because it can affect the overall effect of the final paint job. It can cause different effects on the drying of the paint and the final output according to the smoothness or roughness of the surface. When it comes to perfection, it’s important to keep in mind that the higher your paint’s gloss level is, the more likely it will be to accentuate the imperfections in your trim’s finish, texture, and surface.  

Additionally, what constitutes a perfect paint sheen is the feel that you want to get once everything dries: if you want to go for a soft look in your balustrade and baseboards, then go for a matte finish. If you love a showy, glossy look, however, it may be best to go with high-gloss paint. 

Know which paint formulas work for your interiors and exteriors 

When it comes to choosing what type of paint goes best with your home’s interior and exterior, you should keep in mind that unlike your home’s interior, the outside of your home is exposed to severe weather conditions. By choosing the right paint formulas for the exterior and interior of your home, you’ll be able to help maintain your trim’s paint finish for much longer.  

Use brushes that are specialized for trim 

Your home’s trim is delicate and narrow in nature, so it’s best to go for a brush that’s just as meticulous as the entire process is. Usually, hardware stores sell brushes are specially made for trim projects. It’s best to skip the standard wide brush span in order to keep the finish nice and neat. 

Save the trim for last and touch it up extensively 

The last pro tip to remember after all the preparation is that the actual trim painting should be the last task on your painting list. It should also be where you need to be extra careful because botching your trim can prove to be costly in the long run. 

By leaving the trim painting for last, you’ll be able to focus all your energy on getting the right finish after a long preparation process. Aside from getting your mind and hands ready for the painting process, you’ll also be able to devote more concentration to cleaning up the finishing touches and ensuring that the final output is the best it can be. After painting your trim, make sure to touch it up as much as possible to keep everything picture perfect after the paint has finally dried.

Do You Require Professional Help?

Painting your home’s trim is a sensitive business. One wrong step and it could mean a disaster. Although we fully encourage DIY paint jobs, we also insist on seeking professional help if you’re not sure what you are doing.

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At Encore Painting, we have been providing professional interior and exterior paint services for more than 10 years in various cities of Texas. We understand that homes in Texas particularly require extra care thanks to the harsh weather this part of the world is exposed to. This is why we carefully inspect your home before we begin any kind of exterior paint job. 

And if its the trim you want to get done, that is one of our specialty. We are extra careful in picking the right sheen and trim products for the paint job so that you will get the most accurate paint job ever.