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5 Basic Things to Know About Chalkboard Paint

5 Basic Things to Know About Chalkboard Paint - Encore Painting

Chalkboard paint is a versatile tool that helps build creativity Our clients have used chalkboard paint for Kitchens, Playroom and kids’ rooms etc,.

Top interior painters from Mckinney share basic things you need to know about chalkboard paint

Who would have guessed that the mundane blackboard and chalk from our schools could be used for interior decoration? That’s right. Chalkboard paints are popular tools for interior decoration. They are liquid paints which give a finish similar to a chalkboard once dried. You can draw over them, write motivational quotes, or make a to-do list on chalkboards. 

A few years ago, chalkboard paints were limited to restaurants and coffee shops for writing daily specials. However, there has been a surge in the use of chalkboard for homes in the recent past. More companies are now producing chalkboard paints for homes. They are convenient, portable, and easy to use. You can unleash your creativity through words or pictures on a chalkboard.

If you wish to decorate your home with chalkboard paint, read these 5 basic things about it before starting your project.

Pay Special Attention to the Location

When you write or draw on the chalkboard, a lot of chalk dust will come off. Hence you should take into consideration the presence of objects and furniture in the vicinity of the area where you want to apply your chalkboard paint.  Look for a spot with relatively less furniture.

Choose From A Wide Array of Colors

You can decorate your kids’ room with brightly-colored chalkboard paints

Prep the Wall

Use sandpaper of 120-200 grit size and lightly sand the wall with it. It will even out all the bumps. Clean the wall afterward and then proceed to stick chalkboard paint over it. 

Chalkprime the Chalkboard

Let is stay for 2-3 minutes. After that, remove the chalk with an eraser. Your chalkboard paint is ready to be painted and drawn on. This step prepares the surface for smooth gliding of chalk for the next assignments.

Store the Accessories Nearby

Chalkboard paint is a fantastic way to turn any place into a writing and decorative surface. You can apply chalkboard paint over cabinets, drawers, tabletop,s and even storage jars to label them. If you are unsure about your painting skills and have no experience of using chalkboard paint before, we recommend you to take the help of professionals.

If you are residing in Mckinney, Texas we recommend you look up Encore Painting. They provide chalkboard painting services at affordable rates and offer excellent customer service.

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