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A lot of homeowners dream of turning their home into an architectural masterpiece. But we all know that means buying expensive furniture and taking the services of a professional architecture that usually charges a lot.

What if we told you that you can give your home a luxurious look by just using faux painting methods? For those of you who do not know, faux finishing is an art that uses certain paint methods to give an artificial appearance to walls that look like metal or wood or give them architectural aesthetics. 

If you want to add some charm to your home this fall, then look nowhere else. Here are 5 creative faux finish ideas for interior walls.

Use Denim and Canvas Techniques to Give Casual Appearance to Your Interior

  • If your home appears informal, you may prefer using a faux finish technique that involves a slight pattern but doesn’t appear to overwhelming. For this technique, take some inspiration from your favorite jeans and you’ll have a good denim painting technique in your mind.

The small patterned finish of the jeans can be achieved on the walls with a small paintbrush. All you need is a bit of interior painting knowledge and basic wall painting skills.

Just run the small brush dragging it all the way vertically and then horizontally through the wall paint for small crisscross pattern. This should appear very similar to denim.

Marbleizing Existing Architectural Details and Columns

  • If you like the look of veins on marble but don’t have the budget to buy the extremely expensive material to pull this look, then you can use a faux finishing technique known as marbleizing. 

This particular technique will help you created a very variegated look of veins on marble and will add the beauty of colors with just a paintbrush and the right kind of paint.

  • Architectural details of your home such as corbels and columns can easily be transformed using this technique.

 Suede and Leather Faux Finishing for Interior Walls

  • If you want your walls to appear gorgeous with a brand new look, then use a decorative painting technique called leather and suede faux finishing. You’ll have to pay a visit to the local paint store to get all the supplies you need to DIY it. 

There are many paint manufacturers that provide you with step by step details on how to pull the sued technique to give a rich and authentic character to your wall. If you can learn this technique, you’ll quickly realize why it is called one of the best faux finish painting techniques of all time.

Bring the Outside to the Inside

Another great way to give your walls a great faux finish is to copy the patterns of bark, rock, tree and even trees. How about giving your bathroom a river rock wall look with the faux rocks? You’ll need fiberglass rocks to pull off this look especially if you want to achieve a natural look.

Bring a Rustic Look With a Plaster

  • Plaster is one of the most popular materials for interior walls for homes in Europe because it is durable and could be turned into any kind of surface. 

In America, drywall finish is the go-to choice for most interiors but if you love the rustic appearance of plaster, then why not invest in a special primer paint and plaster faux finish? You can find them easily at any paint store.

  • The effect is actually pretty good when you apply it to your living room light switches and electrical plates.

Bring in The Experts to Deal With it

Pulling off faux painting techniques on your interior wall is a tricky business. You will require basic painting knowledge and skills to get the perfect look. If your budget does not allow you to hire a professional architecture, why not call a professional painter instead.

Encore Painting will help put on some drama and dimension to your interior walls with our award-winning interior painting services. 

We provide professional faux finishing techniques for your home walls and other interior surfaces. Some of the best techniques we use include Ragging, Sponging, Color Rubbing, Tortoise-Shelling, and all of the ones mentioned above.

If you’re worried about the costs of interior painting services in Texas, just click here and fill the form that opens up to get your free quote today.