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Small rooms or spaces can be an instant turn off. They feel cramped, suffocating, and unappealing. While we cannot afford the luxury of adding more space to a small house, we can give it the illusion of a more spacious and warm place. Paints play a pivotal role in shaping the appearance of a room or a house. 

The right selection and application of colors can help you add the illusion of depth and space to a small room. Let us tell you how to play with colorful and creative paints to get the desired results.

5 Painting Hacks to Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Choose Light and Breezy Colors

  • Light colors reflect light which makes the room look brighter. When light-colored rooms are illuminated with sunlight, they can appear open and roomier. Light colors like beige, nudes, and pastels are not harsh on the eyes. This airiness allows eyes to scan the room continuously. 

When eyes travel a greater distance, the human brain believes that the room is spacious and large.

Opt for Montone Theme

  • Paint all sections of a small room in the same color rather than choosing different colors for ceiling and walls. Using same color for the room will make it easier for the eyes to scan the entire room. When the eyes encounter a color change, they instinctively avoid looking further. If the distance traveled by eyes is less, our brains will presume that the room is cramped and small.

This little trick visually expands the room.

Create the Illusion of Light with Dark Colors

  • If a room lacks a path for natural light to enter, it will appear cramped and uninviting. There is a little trick to create an illusion of light by painting the spaces adjacent to the room in a dark color.

For e.g. the hallway leading to the laundry in the basement can be painted in a dark hue. What this does is that it makes the room appear lighter and spacious in contrast to the dark-colored space leading to it. 

  • Hence the lack of natural light will be compensated by a few tricks of the paint.

Decorate Home with a Mural

  • Painting a mural not only adds an artistic touch to your home but it also adds depth to the room. A visually appealing mural evokes the interest of the user. The viewer’s eyes will stay fixated on the mural. The remaining dimensions of the room will become less obvious. 

A mural is painted directly over the wall which helps add depth to the wall. It makes the room look spacier.

Don’t Leave Anything Out

  • Paint all walls, windows, ceiling, moldings and baseboards. Don’t miss anything out. What this does is that it creates an illusion of continuity. The continuity makes the room appear to be spacious.

It also covers the flaws of the room. Continuously painted infrastructure will make the walls appear to diminish; giving more area to the room.

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