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Looking for some spooky and creative interior decoration ideas for Halloween?

Halloween season in America turns into a scene from a horror movie. Adults and children wear creepy costumes in commemoration of the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The tradition of Halloween started in the 8th century when people would light fires and don costumes to make the ghosts go away. 

The tradition has persisted and modern America celebrates Halloween on October 31st with much enthusiasm and zest. 

This year Halloween will be celebrated somewhat differently because the Covid-19 pandemic is raging. Most Americans are practicing social distancing. But that should not deter you from celebrating Halloween in full swing. 

To keep the spirit of Halloween alive and raging, you can decorate your home with spooky stuff. Then wear your costume, take pictures with your decorations and it will feel like Halloween all over again.

Encore Painting brings to you 5 innovative ideas for some spooky home decoration.

Pumpkin Lanterns

  • Pumpkin lanterns are almost synonymous with Halloween itself. No Halloween decoration is complete without hanging a bunch of creepy looking orange jack-o-lanterns. Pumpkin lanterns are easy to make. All you need is orange hard paper, scissors, marker, tape, and a thread to hang them. 

Place LED lights inside the lanterns. You can hang them on your porch where they will give the creeps to every onlooker. As the dark sets in, light them up and switch off all other lights in the vicinity. The lanterns will then illuminate in an eerie glow. 

Paint Creepy Murals 

  • There is so much you can do with paint and a brush if you have a creative bone inside you. You can paint your entrance door in glowing red color. Then dip your hands in different color paint and leave imprints of both hands on the door. Paint a skull in between which is surrounded by cobwebs and spiders. 

If you have some pumpkins made of wood, paint them black with chalkboard paint. Then draw creepy faces on them with the help of white paint or chalk. Place them on the steps leading to your home. They will accentuate the hanging lanterns and creepy door.

Bloody Candles

  • Nothing screams creepy than the sight of unexplained blood. For Halloween, you can make bloody candles which drop blood instead of wax when they melt. You can achieve this effect by melting red crayons above the candles or filling the rim of the candle with noninflammable red paint. 

Now when you will light candles, the red wax will drop and cover the entire surface of the candle. The red will glow eerily in the candle’s light and it will create the desired spooky effect.

Create a Spooky Wall of Fame

  • Set aside one focal wall for creating a spooky wall of fame. Run a quick google search on creepy black and white pictures. You will be surprised by the results. Choose 10-12 photos of creepy looking men and women. Print them and connect them through a string or rope. Then hang the rope on your wall. 

This will be your creepy wall of fame. The deathly and hollow stares of creepy people will be enough to make anyone shudder and avoid the wall of fame at night. You can add a few cobwebs to enhance the spooky effect. 

5 Spooky Interior Decoration Ideas for Halloween - Encore Painting

Set Up a Spooky Dining Table

  • You can serve the Halloween dinner at a spooky yet classy dining table. Cover the table with black cloth. Place bloody candles over it and replace traditional cutlery with some white and grey pieces to create a contrasting effect. 

You can place a black jack-o-lantern on the table as well as some black painted plants as part of your interior decoration ideas for Halloween.

Encore Painting provides interior and exterior painting services in McKinney, TX. They specialize in creative interior paint projects.