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5 Super Easy Tips To Follow When Choosing Exterior Paints for Your Home

A well-painted home from the outside easily holds apart from others in the street. Unlike interior paints, you’ll have to think outside the box when choosing exterior paints.

This is not an easy task and can easily put on a lot of pressure on homeowners when choosing a good palette. Additionally, you have to take into account a lot of factors – hardscaping, roofing, landscaping, and more.

If you’ve decided to give your home a fresh coat of paint from the outside, you’ll love reading these tips. Our award-winning painters reveal how to choose the best color scheme that works both for your home and its surrounding.

5 Super Easy Tips To Follow When Choosing Exterior Paints for Your Home

Simple And Easy Tips For Choosing Exterior Paints That Pop

Choosing an exterior paint palette for your Collin County home will require a lot of insight. Follow the tips below to ease the pressure.

The Architectural Style and Era of Your Home

Before deciding to pick the right paint colors for the exterior of your home, you need to consider the architectural style and era it is built upon. For example, is your home based on midcentury modern ranch design? Or is it based on Queen Anne Victorian design?

Whichever the design, make sure the style you pick feels appropriate for it. After all, you wouldn’t want to see a pale mint green color on your New England Saltbox style home, now would you?

If you’re fresh out of ideas, don’t worry. There are many exterior paint inspirations on the internet to help you. Alternatively, you could also call Encore Painting for fresh ideas or professional exterior home painting services.

Choose a Paint Color That Compliments the Surroundings

If you’re not completely renovating your home, surrounding surfaces such as tiles, roof shingles, driveways, and stonework are going to be constant. You have to take this into consideration if you want an exterior paint color to fully complement your home and surroundings.

Carefully observe the undertones between the surroundings and see if it will help you pick a suitable palette. For example, if the colors surrounding your home are mostly dark (brown, rust, beige) – you will probably want to pick colors that produce a harmonious effect.

For fresh inspiration and ideas, check our exterior paint portfolio. we have been painting homes for ten years in the Collin County, Texas area and we know what works best for this region. Our gallery has helped thousands in choosing exterior paints that pop.

Work With Several Shades

Getting the right shades while choosing exterior paints is one of the toughest parts of this task. Ideally, you would want to have an exterior paints palette that is made up of three parts – the field color, the accent color, and the trim color.

Here’s what each means.

The basic idea is to choose a trim color that strongly contrasts with the field color. If you want a modern look for your home, you could also pick only two colors.

Imagine the Visual Effect of Your Home

One of the best ways to make your home stand apart from others, and increase its value – it is always a good idea to consider the visual effect you want to bring with the exterior paint palette.

Try your best to choose exterior paints that put your home in a direct relationship with the landscape and street. You must also consider whether the home is sitting back from the road or is hiding behind trees.

Based on these factors, you may want to choose brighter or darker colors to help your home stand out.

Don’t Finalize the Palette After Just Looking at Paint Chips

A lot of people make this common mistake. They get sample paint chips and think this is it, this is what they should go for. In reality, depending on paint chips never works well for exterior painting because the area to cover is larger.

Never hesitate to buy a small bucket of paint and test it around the least visible areas of your home. See how it feels in the morning, afternoon, evening, and in the night. Lighting plays an important role in bringing colors out, so make sure you see the paint in every light condition before finalizing the paint.

Choosing exterior paints for your new home in Collin County isn’t an easy task. It’s okay to make mistakes and try again. If you’re not getting the desired effects from the colors, feel free to get in touch with us or walk to our office at Blacktail Trail, McKinney. At Encore Painting, paints are our life. We are an award-winning company that has been serving homes in Collin County since 2007.

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