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When you’re considering buying, selling, or renovating a house, it is crucial that you inspect the condition of kitchen cabinets and its drawers. This is one part of the house that may last as many as five decades, however, its lifespan largely depends on the quality of maintenance it went through the years.

To see if a set of kitchen cabinets and drawers need replacement or a fresh coat of paint, here is a list of common questions to help you.

6 Ways To Inspect Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers in Your Home

Checking Kitchen Drawers for Repairs

Encore Painting in Mckinney, Texas recommends the following steps to determine if your kitchen drawers need repairs.

  • Pull every drawer as far as it can go and see if it falls out or becomes stuck
  • See if you can find any cracks or holes inside or outside the drawers
  • See if there’s any soft, or moist wood to determine water damage. Check if any of the hinges are loose. See if you can fix them on your own by tightening them or are the screw holes completely stripped?
  • Do you see any signs of pests or mold inside the drawers? Rodents are very common pests in Texas and they can easily chew holes inside the drawers and cabinets of the kitchen.
  • Can you feel the material of the drawers peeling or flaking?
  • Can you notice and unpleasant odor or stains inside?

Checking the Kitchen Cabinets for Repair

After checking the drawers completely, you can use the following to see how the cabinets of the kitchen fare.

  • See if the doors securely close together. See if they have magnets, latches or self-closing hinges.
  • Do you see all the metal hinges intact on the cabinet doors?
  • Are the screws, handles, hinges, and drawer tracks free of rust?
  • Try putting in some heavy objects to see if the drawers can hold themselves without a problem?
  • Thoroughly test the drawers by pulling and pushing them. Make sure they slide in and out smoothly.

If your answer was yes to most of the questions listed in the first part of this post and no to most of the second part, then the kitchen cabinets not only need repair work but may also require a fresh coat of cabinet staining from a painting contractor.

  • You can only tighten a few screws to fix any minor problems with the cabinets and drawers, other major defects will require you to have them completely replaced or repaired from a professional.

If your cabinets only require staining, Encore Painting in Mckenny is the best painting contractor to get in touch with. They have years of experience in providing interior painting and staining services in many areas of Texas. Contact them today for a free estimate.