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Vinyl shutters are often maintenance-free and are designed to withstand weather and last long. However, over time, they can be damaged and become badly faded. Replacing your vinyl shutters may be costly, especially if it’s for several windows in your house. However, there’s a cheaper alternative, and that is painting them. Below are some tips on how you can paint your vinyl shutters easily. 

An Established Painter’s Guide on How to Paint Vinyl Shutters:

Takedown the shutters 

Instead of painting the vinyl shutters while they are attached to your window, it is easier to take them down and then paint them. Depending on the height of their placement, you can use a step or an extension ladder. 

Bring a small bucket or container where you can place the screws you remove. If the screws are of different sizes, it is important to mark them down so you can easily find the right screw later. 

If the screws are plastic, they will be harder to remove. You may have to scrape them off and pull out the plastic. Just buy a pack of fastener replacement for reinstallation. 

Remove dirt buildup 

Using a power washer, clean up the vinyl surfaces to remove the buildup of dirt before painting them. Scrub them with soap and water. If there are stains, you may need to use a little bleach to remove them. Otherwise, no harsh cleaning solution is needed. Pressure washing can do a pretty good job in removing the mildew and dirt, and peeling off paint. 

Apply a primer 

When the old paint is peeling, apply a bonding primer, which will help keep the old paint intact underneath the new coat of paint. If the vinyl shutters are only faded but are in good condition, you do not need to apply any primer. You may wish to use a latex primer for better results. Choose acrylic latex paint for this purpose because it is 100 percent acrylic latex is regarded as one of the best acrylic latex paints available today. Find one at your local paint store or get in touch with Encore painting for painting supplies such as painter tape. 

Paint the shutter 

While you can paint the shutter by brushing, it is better and more efficient to use an airless sprayer to apply the paint. Spray paint the shutters, let them dry and then apply a second coating. Two coats make the color look better and this way the shutters will be more durable. Using an airless sprayer helps in making the application even, not to mention that it will take you less time to complete the job compared to using a paintbrush. 

When choosing the paint to use, keep in mind that not all exterior paint will work on vinyl shutters. Pick one that has high quality and will have an exceptional finish. Also, choose the colors that are safe for vinyl shutters. Some colors can absorb too much heat and damage the shutters. 

Difference Between Painting Wood Shutters and Plastic Shutter

Depending on the material your shutters are made off, the paint job will require different techniques, materials, and paint. 

Painting Wood Shutters

Start by removing the old layers of the paint using a chemical stripper or a paint scraper. You should also lightly sand the shutter using sandpaper. Once this is done, you can brush the paint on the wood surface and let it dry. 

For best results, make sure to –

  • Stir paint properly in order to get an evenly look, especially when you are using dark colors.
  • Pour the paint in a tray or bucket
  • Only use a flat brush to paint the surface. 
  • Once the shutters are dry, you can put them back in their positions. For extra protection, use an acrylic coat or add a varnish to the painted surface. 

Painting Plastic Shutters

Plastic shutters can also be painted but they are usually hard to reach shutters. Before you start the paint job, make sure to clean and prime the plastic shutters. You’ll need to add a thin layer of primer first especially if you are using latex paint. To remove dust and mildew from the shutters, consider using a household cleaner. 

For best results, follow these steps – 

  • Make good use of a mild degreaser to clean the plastic shutters
  • Only spray the plastic primer when you are using a brush to paint the plastic
  • Apply several thin coats of the paint and allow the paint to dry before giving another coat
  • Use acrylic spray paints such as the Krylon fusion by Sherwin Williams. This will protect the shutters from water and sun damage 

DIY or Call the Pros?

Painting your vinyl shutters is often the better option to keep them in good condition. The painting job much easier than you may expect. To get more guidance regarding any kind of exterior house painting job, get in touch with Encore Painting. We provide free quotes online, just fill this simple form

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