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Painting ceilings is not only a tricky job but a little awkward too if you’re doing it on your own. Even in places where the ceilings are lower than the usual height, this interior paint job is tough. So what would you do if you have high ceilings and want to paint them?

Encore Painting in Mckinney, Texas shares some tips and tricks to help you paint the ceiling. And if things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to, you can always ask for professional help.

Painting High Ceilings

  • Before you begin painting, just like any other paint job, you need to prepare your room. The first thing you need to do is to move anything that can be easily moved out of the room so you don’t end up with paint dripping on things.

Next, the stuff that you can’t move such as heavy furniture needs to be covered with drop cloths. This will ensure that your furniture is safe from any paint splatter. It is also very important to note that you must paint your ceiling first before painting your walls if walls are on your to-do list.

  • This way, if any splatter falls on the walls, you can always paint them with a fresh coat and that will hide away the splatter.

You also want to make sure to choose the right paint for the job. Since ceilings don’t get painted often, it is important to use a long-lasting and high-quality paint that stays there. You can easily find paint that is specifically designed for ceilings in home improvement stores. 

Necessary Equipment

  • Before you start with the interior paint job, make sure you have the right tools to work with. You are going to need more than a brush and a stroller to work with ceilings. What you need is determined by the size of your room and how tall the ceiling is. In most cases, a ladder is enough to get the job done.

However, if it is a very large space, you may even require scaffolding. If you don’t have these readily available, you can always rent them out from a hardware store.

  • You will also need a sprayer to improve and quicken the application in larger rooms. However, sprayers are not cheap so you’ll have to think about making that investment. You should ideally invest in a sprayer if you are working on multiple rooms. 

For a single room, consider getting a roller with an extra-long handle. Rollers are easily available and they are not as big an investment as sprayers.

  • If your ceiling is old and yellow, it will not require a primer. The primer can be applied through roller if needed. In most cases, however, you can start to apply the coat immediately without using any primer.

Get Professional Help

Painting ceilings is not as easy as painting room walls. This is why sometimes it is better to get experts guide instead. If you are a Texas homeowner in need of an interior paint job, call Encore Painting today for the best paint job in your area. We provide free estimates for all jobs so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.