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Could your kitchen benefit from a fresh update? You’d be amazed at what a difference painting or staining your kitchen’s cabinets can make for the room’s entire look and feel!

Encore Painting offers cabinet painting and staining services throughout the Collin County area. If it’s time to revive your kitchens’ appeal with cabinet refinishing, call us at (972) 464-7205. We offer free estimates on all of our services.

Cabinet Painting

Your Encore Painting tech will examine your cabinets to determine the best approach for painting. Wood, wood veneer, and metal cabinets take paint easily, while laminate and melamine will require specialized preparation. Our cabinet painting process typically unfolds as follows:

  • Removing hardware – Homeowners often choose to replace cabinet hardware when they are having their cabinets painted or stained. If you are keeping your existing hardware, we will store it carefully and securely with all fasteners.
  • Cleaning – Your Encore tech will thoroughly clean your cabinets with a special solution that prepares the surfaces for paint.
  • Sanding – After the cabinets have dried completely, they will be sanded with a fine-grit sandpaper. All sanding dust will then be cleared away.
  • Taping and protecting – All surrounding surfaces that won’t be painted will be taped off and drop cloths will be installed around the entire kitchen.
  • Priming – At Encore, we don’t paint without priming first! Primer helps ensure color authenticity, paint adhesion, and a lasting finish.
  • Painting – The first coat of paint will be applied and allowed to dry.
  • Second sanding – If deemed necessary, the painted surfaces will be lightly sanded.
  • Second-coat painting – A second coat of paint will be applied.
  • Installing of hardware – Your new or existing hardware will be installed after the paint has dried completely.

Cabinet Staining

The process for staining cabinets is similar to that of painting them, with a few differences. When staining cabinets, we will typically remove the doors and put them back when they are completely dry. If there is existing paint or finish on the cabinets, we will likely use an electric sander to remove it, in order to ensure a smooth finish.

How Long Does Cabinet Refinishing Take?

The timeline of a cabinet refinishing job depends on the scope of the project—how large your kitchen is, the kind of paint or stain used, whether or not any special finishes are required, etc. Your Encore Painting contractor will be able to give you an accurate time estimate based on the specifics of your cabinet project.

Cabinets in Other Rooms

While the majority of our cabinet refinishing jobs are in kitchens, Encore Painting can paint or stain the cabinets in any room of your home! Just call us for a free estimate! If you wish, we can work with an interior design to help you choose stain, color, finish, and hardware.

Cabinet Refinishing in Collin County, Texas

When it’s time to give your kitchen cabinets—or any cabinets in your home—a makeover, call Encore Painting. We provide free estimates for cabinet painting and finishing.
Call Encore Painting today at (972) 464-7205 or request a free estimate online.

Additional Interior Home Services from Encore

  • Glazing and Faux Finishes – These “special effects” can completely transform the look of a room. You can choose from a wide range of finishes.
  • Wallpaper Removal – Special techniques are required to remove wallpaper so that the surface beneath can be primed for painting. This valuable service helps eliminate the possibility of damage to your walls.
  • Drywall Repair – Encore Painting can do drywall repairs such as nail holes, stress cracks, holes, exposed corners, and peeling drywall tape.
  • Trim Painting – Switching up the trim in a room can have a surprisingly dramatic effect. We guarantee a clean, precise finish.
  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal – If you’re ready to get rid of your popcorn ceiling, call Encore. Our team will mask the floors, remove the popcorn texture, apply the new texture and clean up any resulting debris.