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Caulking the cracks and gaps on your home’s exterior can have a significant impact. A well-done caulking job can help prevent heat loss, stop drafts, and keep debris and moisture from filling exterior cracks. Professional exterior caulking services can help save you money on energy bills during months of extreme weather. Encore Painting offers expert caulking services in the Collin County area. Call us today at (972) 464-7205 or get a free exterior caulking estimate online.

Benefits of Exterior Caulking

You may be surprised to learn how much a professional caulking job can benefit your home.
Caulking exterior gaps and cracks can:

  • Prevent moisture and water from entering the building envelope
  • Decrease the potential for mold and rot to form in cracks and holes
  • Help decrease heat loss from inside your home
  • Keep pests and insects from entering your home
  • Contribute to additional weatherproofing of your home
  • Make the exterior of your home look more polished

Most exterior cracks and gaps are apparent to the eye. But a thorough inspection will often reveal spaces between contrasting surfaces like wood and brick, glass and wood, and wood and metal. The experts at Encore Painting know how to execute a comprehensive check of your home’s exterior to find all the chinks and fractures.

Why Get Professional Caulking Services?

An active caulking job requires time, skill, and precision. The Encore Painting team applies these critical factors to every exterior caulking project. Our caulking process includes:

  • Thorough sanding and scraping of the area
  • Removal of any old caulk
  • Brushing or vacuuming out of gaps
  • Complete cleaning of the spot with a specialty cleaner
  • Detailed dry time
  • Primer application
  • Precision caulk application
  • Use of the right caulk type for each exterior material

The Encore team uses professional applicators and specialized techniques to ensure a high-quality exterior caulking job.

Caulking Services in North Texas

When you need exterior caulking services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, call Encore Painting. We have the right skills, tools, and materials to provide caulking services that can make your home more energy-efficient and improve its curb appeal.

Call Encore Painting today at (972) 464-7205 or contact us online.

Additional Exterior Services from Encore Painting

  • Priming and Painting – The Encore team can completely transform the look of your home’s exterior with a new color or freshen up its curb appeal with a new application of its actual color. For exterior painting, we highly recommend priming the surface first. Primer helps maximize the lifespan of your new exterior paint job.
  • Power Washing – Power washing is usually the most effective method for thoroughly cleaning the exterior of your home. But it should be done by a professional—different parts of your home’s exterior require different pressures and techniques. An inexperienced user may damage woodwork or brick. Encore’s painters are power-wash pros!
  • Wood Replacement – At Encore, we also do replacements of siding, shutters, and other exterior wood materials.
  • Door and Shutter Staining – Add some extra polish to your exterior paint job by having your doors and shutters stained. Fresh new color and shine can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.
  • Fence and Deck Staining – Sealing and staining your home’s deck and fencing helps prolong their life, as well as their good looks!

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