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Staining your doors and shutters can enhance your home’s curb appeal and add polish to its exterior. For the highest-quality application, superior looks, and a lasting finish, call Encore Painting for door and shutter staining in the Allen area. Our stain skills will provide your home with unique appeal that sets it apart from the others on your block!

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Why Hire a Professional for Exterior Staining?

Professional staining ensures a job done well that will add value to your home—not take away from it. Our team has years of experience with staining doors and shutters—we know all the pro tricks! In addition, a poor stain job may affect the look of the wood and/or the functionality of your doors or shutters.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire Encore Painting for exterior staining:

  • After a review and inspection of the areas/elements to be stained, we’ll go over your options regarding stain choice—including color, finish, grade, type, and method selection.
  • Before starting the staining process, we’ll put down protective covers and materials to make sure the area around the staining project won’t be damaged
  • All finish plates, fixtures, grilles, knobs, pulls, and trim will be carefully removed and neatly stored until it’s time to replace them
  • Your stain expert will examine every part of the door or shutter and fill any cracks, gaps, or holes with the most suitable patching material
  • The entire door or shutter will be sanded and dusted
  • The Encore stain tech will apply a layer of sanding sealer before applying smooth, even layers of wood stain and varnish
  • After the stain and varnish are completely dry, all fixtures, knobs, and trim, etc., will be replaced
  • Your tech will do a thorough inspection and quality check
  • Remaining wood stain product will be given to you for future use with color, type, manufacturer, and other information noted on the label

Our process guarantees that:

  • The chosen stain will match perfectly
  • The most appropriate method (brush size and style, application type) will be used for your project
  • You’ll find no drips or pools of stain on the finished product

Get professional results from true professionals! At Encore Painting we take pride in our work—and that translates into outstanding results for your home.

Ensure that your home will stand out from the rest—call Encore Painting at (972) 846-9466 for a superior exterior door and shutter staining in Allen, Texas.

Interior Painting Services and More

  • Priming and Painting – Your interior painting estimate includes both painting AND priming. Priming the walls is critical to ensuring a high-quality paint job. Primer helps the paint adhere to your walls and gives the new paint a clean, blank canvas so that its true color won’t be affected by the previous shade. We are happy to discuss with you the best primer for your particular needs.
  • Glazing – Glazing is a painting overlay technique that adds texture and depth to interior walls. It can help you achieve a particular look or style for your rooms. Ask us about ragging, sponging, color-rubbing, or tortoise-shelling!
  • Trim Painting – Precision can be a challenge when you’re painting trim—but not for Encore! Let us put our master skills to work on your baseboards, doorframes, molding, and more.
  • Wallpaper Removal – Though it may look easy, there is a method to removing wallpaper—actually, there are two! Encore will determine whether your wallpaper needs to be dry stripped or soaked and scraped. Using the proper procedure helps avoid damage to your drywall and leaves the wall surface ready to be prepped for painting.
  • Drywall Repair – Have you discovered damage on your drywall? Encore can help. We are experienced with drywall repair of all kinds.
  • Popcorn Removal – Ready to get rid of your home’s popcorn ceilings? So are we! Let Encore do this dirty job for you—we’ll leave a smooth, updated ceiling in its place!

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Exterior Painting Services and More in Allen

  • Priming and Painting – The Encore team can completely transform the look of your Allen home’s exterior with a new color or freshen up its curb appeal with a new application of its existing color. For exterior painting, we highly recommend priming the surface first. Primer helps maximize the lifespan of your new exterior paint job.
  • Power Washing – Power washing is usually the most effective method for completely cleaning the exterior of your home. But it should be done by a professional—different parts of your home’s exterior require different pressures and techniques. An inexperienced user may damage woodwork or brick. Encore’s painters are power-wash pros!
  • Caulking – Keep the cold out and the warmth in with a re-caulking job from Encore. If you live in an older home, it’s an especially good idea to have your caulking professionally redone, particularly as part of a new paint job.
  • Wood Replacement – At Encore, we also do replacements of siding, shutters, and other exterior wood materials.
  • Door and Shutter Staining – Add some extra polish to your exterior paint job by having your doors and shutters stained. Fresh new color and shine can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.
  • Fence and Deck Staining – Sealing and staining your home’s deck and fencing helps prolong their life, as well as their good looks!

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