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Unprotected exterior wood structures, like decks, fences, and gates, will discolor, mildew, and devalue your property over time. Protect your fence, deck, arbor, patio cover, and other wood elements with Encore Painting’s stain and seal service. Our exterior staining services process helps ensure that your exterior wood structure will last longer while enhancing the look and value of your property.

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Our Staining Process

  • Area clearing and protection. Your Encore stain tech will clear any furniture or outdoor accessories from the area to be stained. If items cannot be easily removed, they will be covered for protection.
  • Surface preparation. Whether your wood deck is brand new or many years old, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned in order for the stain to completely penetrate the wood. New decks need to have all excess grain or dust remaining from production removed. Old decks need to have stains, dirt, mildew, mold stain, and paint, and other obstructions completely cleaned off. The Encore team knows how to properly clean and prep decks and other exterior wood surfaces for staining.
  • Proper stain application. Your Encore stain tech will apply the stain or sealant in thin coats to avoid bubbling and puddling. Special care is taken to apply stain to corners, cracks, steps, railings, and end grain areas.
  • Finishing. After allowing the stain or sealant to dry, we do an overall quality check to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Exterior Staining Services from Encore Painting

When you choose Encore Painting for exterior staining services for your Dallas-Fort Worth area home, we guarantee that your home and surrounding landscape will be protected to ensure that a limited amount of stain accumulates on unintended surfaces. If that does happen, rest assured that we will clean all impacted areas prior to completion of your project and leave your home in perfect shape so that you can enjoy your newly stained exterior area.

Collin County Area Deck and Fence Staining

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What Makes Encore Painting Different?

What sets Encore apart from other Dallas Fort Worth area painters? Quite a bit.

  • We take the time to do things right. Before we start any interior priming and painting job, we put down plenty of protection-drop cloths and more-to ensure that your floors and furniture are safe. Our taping and trim painting are beyond compare.
  • We use the best-quality equipment and paints. Your home is likely the most significant investment of your life. A poor paint job is unacceptable. That’s why we use top brands like Sherwin-Williams to ensure quality and durability.
  • Specialty work is our specialty. Does your home have vaulted ceilings? Built-in shelving? Elaborate molding? Not a problem for Encore! Our team is experienced in painting challenges large and small.
  • We want you to be a customer for life. We treat every job as a top priority, and we strive to earn your business with every interaction. Take a look at our testimonials to see the results of our commitment to customer service.

Additional Exterior Services from Encore

  • Priming and Painting – The Encore team can completely transform the look of your home’s exterior with a new color or freshen up its curb appeal with a new application of its existing color. For exterior painting, we highly recommend priming the surface first. Primer helps maximize the lifespan of your new exterior paint job.
  • Power Washing – Power washing is usually the most effective method for completely cleaning the exterior of your home. But it should be done by a professional. Different parts of your home’s exterior require different pressures and techniques. An inexperienced user may damage woodwork or brick. Encore’s painters are power-wash pros!
  • Caulking – Keep the cold out and the warmth in with a re-caulking job from Encore. If you live in an older home, it’s an especially good idea to have your caulking professionally redone, particularly as part of a new paint job.
  • Wood Replacement – At Encore, we also do replacements of siding, shutters, and other exterior wood materials.
  • Door and Shutter Staining – Add some extra polish to your exterior paint job by having your doors and shutters stained. Fresh new color and shine can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

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