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Want to revamp your home before the holiday season begins? A quick paint job is all you need because it is a simple and effective solution. Many homeowners often neglect the fact that a simple paint job can make their home look beautiful and ready for the holiday season.

And all it takes is just a few coats of new paint on the surfaces of your home. But sometimes you can run out of ideas. If that is the case, our expert painters have made this guide with some cool interior painting ideas for your home for this holiday season. 

Follow the guide and paint your home and it will look new and fresh for the season and the upcoming year.

Choose Colors that Lighten Your home

  • Holidays are fun and exciting but since the temperature is low and the days are short, it can easily damp anyone’s mood. So the right thing to do is to choose bright colored paints that can help balance the cold weather outside with bright and fresh paints. Here are some paint color ideas to help bring this look into your home.

Winter White, Silver Gray, or Taupe

Creamy neutral paints like the above mentioned can easily brighten your home and serve as a beautiful backdrop for your family holiday tree, silver or gold decorations, and even pine cones. Neutral colors are excellent when it comes to giving your home a bright look.

Yellow, Beige, or Green

  • Warm shades of such colors on your wall or trim will complement your holiday decorations during holidays. They also serve as excellent spring colors and the summer. 

Greens and Reds

  • Greens and Reds are traditional holiday colors for many people living in Texas. They can look just as beautiful as any other colors mentioned above. The best thing is that they can continue to make your home look bright and beautiful even after the holiday season has ended.

Don’t Forget The Cabinets

  • Cabinet painting is also a very quick and cheap way to refresh your home for the holidays. You may think that painting the walls of your room is the only solution but try painting your cabinets and it will bring out the same results. 

Use wall colors of the kitchen or bathroom to select a contemporary color for the cabinets. These will impress your guests and relatives and will also look great in the long term.

Here are some tips to follow.

  • To give your home a striking contrast against the many festive red walls, consider using white paint on your cabinets. 
  • If your home receives a lot of natural light, then consider using black paint.
  • Consider brighter colors on your cabinets if your walls are neutral
  • Use pastel hues for your cabinets to give a relaxing ambiance

Paint Only What Matters

  • Time is of the essence, especially during the holidays. You have to deal with the decorations and other festivities. So don’t waste time painting your entire home for the holidays. Only paint the rooms that are very important.

For example, if you are expecting guests, aim to paint your kitchen, lounge, bathroom, and guest rooms. 

Need Professional Help?

Interior Painting is a tricky job especially if you are aiming to give your home a fresh new look for the holidays. During the holidays it is usually very difficult to find professional painters to help you out.

Encore Painting specializes in interior painting and we have done quite a few paint jobs for the holiday season. Talk to us today if you want to give your home a refreshed look before the holiday season. We provide professional painting services as well as cabinet staining services