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With the holidays just around the corner, everyone is busy decorating their homes for the holidays. However, decorating your home usually comes with a price – damage to your walls. But if you’re careful and use good practices, you can avoid damaging your walls completely. 

If you are going to DIY-decorations, then you need to read this guide. As a professional painting company, Encore Painting has been helping people in Texas to hang their Christmas  decorations without damaging their walls. Read this guide and you can too hang decorations without any damage to your walls.

Avoid Nails and Tapes

  • Peeling the tape off when you are taking the decorations off from your walls and ceilings can leave behind permanent marks. So the first thing you need to do is to make sure to avoid using tape or nails to hang decorations off the wall. 

To minimize the damage, the first thing you can do is to take off any hanging photos and other pieces on your walls and use the nails there to hang all your decorations. You can also use ribbon or thread to hang decorations. This makes all your decorations look a bit extra fancy. 

  • To do this, tie the thread or ribbon around the decorations and then use anything you can imagine like light fittings or cupboard doors and mantle pieces to hoist them. Clear fishing lines and twines can also be used for this but they may not look as good as using ribbons. 

The next thing we recommend is using sticks and branches. This may sound unusual at first but trust us, you can use these things to hang your decorations and they will look really good. For example, if you place them on the surfaces like cupboards, mantle pieces or shelves and then attach the baubles to the stick with ribbons, they will automatically hang over the edge.

  • This works best if you can use bows, glitter, or tinsel on the sticks and branches. This works great for rooms that have a lot of wood furniture or wood flooring. You can also use your coat hangle as a decorations holder. The possibilities are endless with this technique!

Damaged Walls?

  • If you already have damaged walls in your home due to whatever reasons, the decorations will leave a bad taste. You can’t hideaway broken and hole-ridden walls with decorations.

In cases like this, Encore Painting offers drywall repair services. Consider having your wall repaired for the holiday season and then hang the decorations as written in this guide to avoid any new damage to the walls.

  • We also offer affordable interior painting services. Log on to our website and request a free quote today. You’ll be pleased with the services we provide. We always use award-winning methods and high-quality paints and tools to deliver the perfect paint job.

Impress your guests with a new coat of paint in your living room. Contact Encore painting today and have it done within a few days.