Holiday Decorating Without Damage

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Whether you’ve just had your home painted by your favorite Collin County painting contractor, or simply don’t want to drill holes in your walls or exterior, we’ve got some great ideas for getting your holiday decorating swag on without causing property damage.

Holiday Decorating Brick Tricks

If you’ve got a brick wall or mantel thing and your walls need some festive greenery, you can either drill into it—which will require special screws and maybe even a special drill bit—or you can use a hook that doesn’t have to be drilled in.

  • The Brick Clip – This little gadget clips onto individual bricks and can hold up to 25 pounds.
  • Brick hangers – Similar to the Brick Clip, brick hangers clip and hang on to individual bricks. The manufacturer says the hangers will hold up to 50 pounds.

Deck the Walls

Hang wreaths, garlands, macramé reindeer, what have you—and leave your walls immaculate with these handy doodads.

  • 3M Command products – Not just for bathrobes anymore, these peel-and-stick hangers and clips promise to leave no residue or damage on your walls. We don’t recommend using them on a freshly painted surface—wait at least one week after the painting is complete. Some ideas for these clever hooks:
    • Hang twine or picture-hanging wire between two hooks and hang holiday cards and photos along its length.
    • String lights around a doorway or mantel—even around cabinets or shelves.
  • Poster putty – This magical stuff is good for getting decorations into tight spots—for instance, if you are stringing a long garland through a room.
  • Washi tape – For a modern, trendy look, try decorating with Japanese washi tape. It peels off of surfaces easily without leaving a sticky residue. You can also use it for wrapping presents and making cards and ornaments.

Hanging Exterior Christmas Lights without Nails

Yes, you can hang Christmas lights on your house without using nails! There are a number of Christmas light clips and hangers on the market today that will allow you to go all out with the sparkles without hammering and drilling.

There you have it! Now go forth and make merry!

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