About Encore Painting, LLC

Encore Painting does more than just paint. Think of us as a one-stop shop for your interior and exterior carpentry repair needs.

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Our home repair services include:

Interior Home Repairs

Wallpaper Removal
Special techniques are required to remove wallpaper so that the surface beneath can be primed for painting. Your Encore technician will evaluate the age, type, and location of the wall covering to determine the proper removal technique. This valuable service helps eliminate the possibility of drywall and other damage.

Drywall Repair
Encore Painting can do drywall repairs such as nail holes, stress cracks, holes, exposed corners, and peeling drywall tape. Drywall repairs are a multi-step process, which often requires edge-to-edge painting for a seamless look. As repairing drywall is typically a complex process, we will usually perform the repairs under a separate estimate.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal
Popcorn ceilings were all the rage a few decades ago. Now that the 80s are over, popcorn is just for the movies! If you’re ready to get rid of your popcorn ceiling, call Encore. Our team will mask the floors, remove the popcorn texture, apply the new texture and clean up any resulting debris. It can be a dirty job; let Encore do it!

Crown Moulding, Chair Railing, and Base Board Installation
A great way to upgrade your home’s interior look is by adding crown moulding. We can install it in the living room, hallway, to the baseboards or the entryway. We can also add chair railings in the dining room and paint the moulding for a more striking look.

Exterior Home Repair Services

Exterior Caulking Services
Caulking the cracks and gaps on your home’s exterior can have a significant impact. A well-done caulking job can help prevent heat loss, stop drafts, and keep debris and moisture from filling exterior cracks. Professional exterior caulking services can help save you money on energy bills during months of extreme weather.

Exterior Wood Replacement
Exterior trim is highly susceptible to rot, even when it’s well maintained. How can you tell if your exterior wood trim is rotting or starting to rot? Check for cracked or peeling paint and areas of wood that look noticeably darker than the wood around them. Rot isn’t the only reason exterior wood needs to be replaced. Normal wear and tear takes its toll on trim, windowsills, framing, fences, siding, and all other exterior wood elements. Professional exterior wood replacement can extend the life of your home’s façade, decks, and fences while polishing and refreshing its curb appeal.

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Additional Services from Encore Painting:

  • Interior Prime and Paint – Your interior painting estimate includes both painting AND priming. Priming the walls is critical to ensuring a high-quality paint job. Primer helps the paint adhere to your walls and gives the new paint a clean, blank canvas so that its true color won’t be affected by the previous shade. We are happy to discuss with you the best primer for your particular needs.
  • Glazing – Glazing is a painting overlay technique that adds texture and depth to interior walls. It can help you achieve a particular look or style for your rooms. Ask us about ragging, sponging, color-rubbing, or tortoise-shelling!
  • Trim Painting – Precision can be a challenge when you’re painting trim—but not for Encore! Let us put our master skills to work on your baseboards, doorframes, molding, and more.
  • Exterior Prime and Paint – For exterior painting, we highly recommend priming the surface first. Primer helps maximize the lifespan of your new exterior paint job.
  • Power Wash – Power washing is usually the most effective method for completely cleaning the exterior of your home. But it should be done by a professional—different parts of your home’s exterior require different pressures and techniques. An inexperienced user may damage woodwork or brick. Encore’s painters are power-wash pros!