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A new coat of paint on your home’s interior walls can change the entire atmosphere of your house. A dull and boring room can become a warm and welcoming space, or a new coat of paint can express your ever-evolving personalities. It can even show your creative side. But one of the best things about a fresh new coat is that it can last for a few years and you only need to spend a few days every couple of years to retouch and reignite the beauty of your home.

So if you’re living in Texas where the weather can be rough, how often should you paint the interior walls of your home? As an expert painting contractor, we believe you can paint your home as often as you want. Typically, the time between giving your walls a new coat and repainting really depends on the activity the room sees throughout the year. 

With that aside, here’s how often you should repaint the interior walls based on the room and its usage.

Repainting Kitchen and Bathroom 

  • Both the kitchen and bathroom are very different from your regular rooms. These spaces usually see a lot of activity compared to other rooms. Kitchens, for example, are cooled, heated, watered and more throughout the year. 


This cooling and heating along with the moisture of summers can cause the paint to stain which means you may have to repaint your kitchen more often than other rooms. Expert painters advise repainting your kitchen and bathroom at least every two to three years. Just make sure you are using special paints that can endure the wear and tear of these rooms.

Living Room or Common Space

  • Living rooms, lounges, or family common space actually do not see much activity throughout the year despite their names. The only reason you may have to paint a living room is if you have pets in the house that tend to scrape the walls a little. 


Expert painting contractors like Encore Painting believe you should repaint your living room between five to seven years.


  • Hallways and Trims are spaces in your home that see a lot of activity throughout the year. Your family will walk down them, into them, and bump a lot of things on the wall. The same goes for children and pets who are comfortable running down these spacious rooms in your home.


The more activity, the more wear, and tear. Expect to see a lot of muddy-prints here and there, sticky-fingered walls and more, especially if you have kids in the home. Expert painters recommending repainting your hallways every two to three years. 


  • If you do not have kids or pets at home, then a fresh coat of paint will easily last about four to five years before it requires a repaint. To extend the life of the paint, make sure to use washable paint. 


  • Bedrooms may need to be repainted depending on who the bedroom belongs to. For example, if a bedroom is used by children, repainting may be required every three to four years. But keep in mind as your child grows, they may develop new tastes in colors and that’s when you may have to repaint their room. 


If the room is being used by adults, then on average it should be given five to seven years before it is repainted, provided that it isn’t frequently used by children. 


Whatever your painting needs are, Encore Painting is always ready to help you with any kind of interior painting job. Log on to our website and get a free estimate today. We’re more than happy to talk to you about your painting needs. For an expert opinion on repainting, get in touch with us today.