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So it’s time to paint the interior of your Collin County home. If you’re going with a shade of white for the walls, we totally support that. But if you want your walls to play a larger role in your home’s décor, we encourage you to think about color. Many people fear painting their walls anything other than off-white eggshell, lest the shade they choose go out of style or lose its appeal. Plus there’s the long-standing belief that color will turn off buyers should you put your home on the market.

At Encore Painting, we think the colors in your home should reflect your personal taste and style. And we can help you choose paint colors that you’ll continue to enjoy long after you’ve forgotten the paint chips!

Deciding on Paint Color: Where to Start?

If the room you’ll be painting is already furnished as you like it, choose one or two items (a decorative pillow, a focal-point accessory, or something similar) and pick out paint chips that match or are similar. If you can, paint test swatches on the wall (at least 1’x2’ but as large as 4’x4’) and live with them for a few days or weeks. See how you feel about the hue over time. Hopefully, you will lean towards one above the others!

Maximize Mood

Want a serene bedroom for relaxing? A lively great room for get-togethers and family game nights? Think about the moods you want your painted rooms to convey. Cool, muted shades can help you de-stress while warm, vibrant ones can liven things up.

For the spaces right inside the front door, consider how you want visitors to feel when they enter your home. The color you choose for your foyer or living room will make an impression!

Colors that Make Small Rooms Look Larger

It’s long been considered common wisdom that dark or bright colors make a small room look even smaller, but this really isn’t the case. Every part of a small room’s décor affects how expansive it does or doesn’t feel. Choose a color you like and work with it.
Try these tricks to use color to make a room appear bigger:

  • Create a strong lead-in – If you enter your small room through a hallway, consider painting the hallway a darker color and the room a lighter, brighter one. This scheme will trick the eye into seeing the room as a larger space.
  • Draw the eye to one wall – Another “scheme” is to paint one wall a different color—or a darker or brighter shade of the same color as the other walls.

Monochrome Can Be Marvelous

You can use muted, neutral shades and still add interest. Mix different shades of gray or beige in different parts of the room. Wainscoting is an easy way to divide a wall into two shades (typically a darker shade on the bottom and a lighter shade on top). Mixing up shades between walls and trim also adds visual interest.

Consider the Ceiling

Another way to add architectural interest and make a room appear larger and airier is to paint the ceiling a shade or two lighter than the walls. There’s no law that says your ceilings have to be white!

Bonus Tip: Don’t Skip the Primer

Using a high-quality primer on your walls ensures the color will be true and your paint will last longer. At Encore, we always prime interior walls before we paint them. As far as we’re concerned, it’s a mandatory part of the painting process.

Color Your World!

Spend some time with the color wheel to familiarize yourself with the ways colors contrast with and complement one another. And get some additional color insight from Sherwin-Williams.

If you’re ready to paint your Collin County home, or need advice on choosing paint colors, call Encore Painting at 972-464-7205 or contact us online.