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Staining a wood fence is easier than you think. However, it requires a basic knowledge of painting. If you follow the steps written in this guide, you can easily stain a wood fence and bring new life to your property.

After the project has been completed, the fence will appear beautiful as well as save you time and money. 

Here is a step by step guide to help you stain a wood fence.

Examine the Wood Fence Carefully

The first thing to do is to closely examine the wood fence and look for broken wood pieces, nails, screws, and staples. Before you begin the project, you need to remove them in order to finish the job as smooth as possible.

This is especially recommended if you are working with an old wood fence. If you do not remove the broken fence pieces and nails, it will ruin the project and slow down the whole process. So start with sanding the areas that appear too rough to the naked eye.

Make sure to take enough time to complete this step and deal with broken pieces immediately. This will only take you a few minutes but will save you a lot of time for later.

Clean the Wood

Now that you have spotted the rough spots on the fence, use a wood cleaner to clean your fence before staining it. It is very important to apply a wood cleaner if you want the fence to appear uniform after you have stained it.

Make sure to follow safety precautions when you are applying the wood cleaner. Use a brush or a mop to clear away any debris or grime on the fence. Before you start the staining process, make sure to give the fence enough time to dry up.

Stain the Wood Fence

Now the time has come to stain the wood fence. When it is dry and ready, start by staining the front of the fence. You must know how to stain a fence before you begin this process. You will have to apply the stain using a roller, brush or stain sprayer. 

No matter which method you choose to go with, make sure to apply an even coat all over the fence. Cover the entire surface of the wood fence and if you see any areas where stain puddles have occurred, quickly use a roller or brush to smoothen them out.

Let the Stain Dry

This is a very important step in the process. Allow the wood fence to rest after you have applied the stain. The resting period should be a minimum of 24 hours but our expert painters recommend letting it rest for 48 hours especially given the humid weather of Texas.

Look at Your Fence

Once you have let the fence rest, look at the beautiful sight. You can now put down all the tools and enjoy a break. You just need to clean the fence properly after it has dried up and removed any dust and debris left after the job. 

Get Expert Help

Staining a wood fence is a very easy job but it isn’t meant for everybody. If you’ve never DIY-ed a paint job, then you should seek help from professionals. Encore Painting provides interior and exterior painting throughout Texas.

We use award-winning methods to give your home a brand new look. We also never compromise on the quality of our work which is why we only use the best paint and high-quality tools to get every job done.

Get your free estimate today and let us handle all your fence staining needs.