Interior Home Painting Contractor

When you need expert patch boys for drywall repair in your home, call Encore Painting. We are experienced in repairing drywalls of all kinds, from minor cracks to fire and flood damage. And, because we are also painting experts, we make sure that our work looks absolutely seamless.
Call Encore Painting at (972) 464-7205 located in Collin County.
Our Drywall Repair Process
You can rely on Encore repair jobs to get your task done right. We pride ourselves on being exceptionally thorough from prep to finish.
  • Our expert techs will determine the most effective materials for your job—lightweight or all-purpose compound, mesh or paper tape, and more.
  • Once in your home, our repair tech will put protective coverings on every vulnerable surface.
  • The tech will then follow the appropriate procedure specific to the type of repair needed.
  • The drywall processes like sanding and finishing are necessary and are completed with utmost care.
  • Your tech will thoroughly clean the surrounding area and clear it of all dust and debris, following all applicable dust safety measures.
  • A professional paint job will follow, if part of the project.

Common Issues

Encore Painting can fix any of these drywall problems—and many more!
  • “Creeping” cracks – Often found beneath windows, these cracks are no match for our expert process!
  • Damaged corners – Corners of arches, walls, and room openings often are the first to sustain an injury. We rehabilitate them into top condition!
  • Doorknob holes – Aren’t these small holes the worst? Let Encore make them disappear!
  • Large holes – Gaping, yawning, cavernous—we add additional backing and joint compound beneath high-strength patching to repair wide gaps.
  • Nail pops – Screw or nail pops happen when the wood behind them shrinks and contracts. Encore has the skills to get these completely smoothed over.
  • Ceiling repair – Yes, we also do ceilings! Water-damaged ceilings are no match for our team!

McKinney-Area Drywall Repair: From Patch to Perfection

Don’t wait another day to get your home’s interior shipshape. Call Encore Painting at (972) 464-7205 for high-quality drywall installation or repair in Collin County and the surrounding area. You can also request a drywall repair estimate online!

Home Improvement from Encore Painting

You can trust the experts at Encore Painting for home improvement projects including drywall installation. Our interior home improvement experts are insured and bonded for your peace of mind and protection as well as ours. Our home improvement services include:
  • Wallpaper Removal  – Special techniques are required to remove wallpaper so that the surface beneath can be primed for painting. Your Encore technician will evaluate the age, type, and location of the wall covering to determine the proper removal technique.

  • Trim Painting – Changing the trim color is an easy way to accommodate your evolving tastes over time without making permanent changes. But trim can also bring a room’s look down if it’s painted sloppily. Your Encore Painting team employs a tactical strategy when painting the trim! We guarantee a clean, precise finish.
  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal – If you’re ready to get rid of your popcorn ceiling, call Encore. Our team will mask the floors, remove the popcorn texture, apply the new texture and clean up any resulting debris. It can be a dirty job; let Encore do it!
  • Cabinet Painting or Staining – Painting or staining existing cabinets is one of our most requested projects. We take pride in transforming kitchen cabinetry from old and worn-out to fresh and updated.
  • Crown Molding, Chair Railing, and Base Board Installation – A great way to upgrade your home’s interior look is by adding crown molding. We can install it in the living room, hallway, to the baseboards or the entryway. We can also add chair rails and paint the molding for a more striking look.