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As spring brings new blooms, sunny days, and birdsongs, it also tends to shine an unforgiving light on all the nicks, dents, and cracks on our homes from the long fall and winter.

Beyond aesthetics, it’s important to do a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior to take note of any repairs that need to be made. Even in Texas, where we usually don’t experience severe winter weather, spring maintenance is critical to keeping your exterior in good shape.

What to Inspect When You’re Inspecting

This checklist explains what to look for when you’re doing a “walk around” of the exterior of your home. Be sure to check for:

  • Peeling paint and any broken wood. Examine the trim, doorjambs, and sills. Use a screwdriver or similar tool to lightly tap around doors, windows, railings, and decks. Any rotten or broken wood should be repaired or replaced.
  • Caulking that has unsealed and any new cracks or leaks that need to be caulked.
  • Clogged gutters. Leaving your gutters full of leaves and debris can lead to roof damage and more.
  • Water stains, especially under eaves. A water stain is never a good sign; follow its trail to find the source and determine the necessary repair. Water stains under eaves can indicate a gutter problem.
  • Cracked or missing roof shingles. Look through binoculars or use a ladder safely.
  • Debris that has fallen in between cracks and other out-of-the-way spaces.
  • Cracks or breaks in siding, stucco, and brick. Not only will these leaks let heat and cool air escape, they can let ants and other pests inside.

Spring Exterior Home Repairs

If repairs need to be made, schedule them now so they get done while the weather is still temperate. Make them part of your spring cleaning regimen!

  • Exterior wood replacement – Encore can replace damaged siding, shutters and framing, decks, porches, fences, patio covers, balconies, and more, in part or whole.
  • Fence and deck staining – Have your exterior leisure areas revived just in time for outdoor entertaining season. We can refinish and stain your decks and fences to look like new.
  • Custom door restoration – If you have older or even antique exterior doors that could use a loving touch, let the experts at Encore restore them. We offer complete custom door restoration, including stripping, glass, and hardware.
  • Door and shutter staining – Refresh your curb appeal with refinished and stained doors and shutters. Our professional staining service adds polish and shine!
  • Power washing – Clear your home’s exterior of dirt, grime, flaking paint, mildew, green algae, wasp nests, and other obstructions with Encore’s expert exterior home power washing service. This job is best left to professionals, as using a pressure washer at an imprecise setting can cause damage to your home.
  • Caulking – Professional exterior caulking from Encore fills the gaps and cracks that can lead to heat loss, moisture problems, and more.

To learn more about spring exterior home maintenance or to schedule exterior home services in Collin County, TX, call Encore Painting today at 972-464-7205 or contact us online.