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Painting trims with a new coat of paint can have a big impact on your home, just as much as it would to paint window frames, doors, baseboards, and moldings. Trims not only draw attention to moldings, but a well-painted trim will also immediately give your wall colors a fresh new beautiful look.

Perfectly painting the trim isn’t an easy job, which is why we got in touch with Encore Painting, a company providing interior painting services in Mckinney and they let us on a few tips that can change your life.

The Basics of Painting Trim – Expert Tips from Professionals:

The Tools You’ll Need

For the best paint job possible for your trims, you’ll need the following tools.

  • Painter’s Washi Tape
  • Plastic Drop Cloths
  • 2’’ Angled Paint Brush
  • Dust Rag
  • Stir Stick
  • Semi-Gloss Trim Paint of your Choice

Prepare Accordingly

  • Start by applying the painter’s washi tape to the edges of the wall where the trim meets. This will protect your walls from any paint droppings during the process.

Now put down plenty of drop cloths in the room and on top of your furniture to protect from splatters and spills. Now make sure that you dust and wipe down the trips to clear away any debris and dust stuck on them.

Prepare the Paint and the Brush

  • Open the bucket of the paint and stir it thoroughly with a stick to ensure that there are no air bubbles present within the color. Now use the angled brush to load the one-third of its bristles with the paint. Try not to overload the brush with paint because it will become unmanageable for you. 

Now tap the sides of the brush against the paint bucket and then wipe the bristles on the sides so that all excess paint falls inside the bucket and you can easily work with precision. 

Apply Paint Carefully and Evenly

  • When painting your trims, apply very gentle pressure and paint it in a single stroke and in one direction. Start with the widest part of the trim and go along to ensure that it is an even and smooth application all over.

When you are doing this, you can avoid unsightly brush marks by starting a new stroke in a dry area and then working your way towards the wet area. You can raise your brush a leather and feather the edges of the previously painted patch to keep the application smooth and even.

  • Keep brushing lightly back over the coat in the reverse direction until you get the results you want.

Don’t Forget to Touch Up

  • After you have completed the first coat and it has completely dried up, look for any areas that look uneven and touch them up with paint accordingly.

Once the final coat has been applied and you are satisfied with your work, remove the tape and let the trip dry for at least 24 hours before you move onto the walls or other sections of your room.

Seek Professionals Painting Services

Painting trim is a hard job that needs a fair amount of knowledge and attention to detail. It is perfectly fine to seek professional help if you do not get the desired results. Get in touch with Encore Painting today for a FREE quote. We provide all sorts of interior painting services for homeowners in Mckinney and surrounding areas of Texas.