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Apart from learning how to paint interior walls, you need to have knowledge of the different kinds of paints available at your disposal. This is especially important if you want to get the desired look in your rooms.

There are several kinds of interior wall paints and the more you know about them, the better results you can achieve and the easier it becomes to pick the right paint for the right job. It is also possible to mix different kinds of paints together to get a mixed result, but you should at least know what you are doing.

If you’re planning to DIY an interior paint job, or if you have hired a professional interior painting company like Encore Painting, knowing about the different paints will greatly increase the desirable effects. Here is a guide to understanding the different types of interior paints.

Matt Enamel 

  • Matte enamel is a lot like matte paint but it has better durability. It is also a lot easier to clean and rarely requires retouching, giving homeowners a big advantage especially if they are a family with young kids.

The paint is also quite desirable for kitchen use where there is a significant chance that your walls will get stained. The visual effect of matte enamel is quite similar to matte paint and it also can be applied in the very same way.

Matte Paint

  • Matte paint is one of the most common types of paints used on interior walls. Since there is no sheen or shine to the finish of this type of paint, it is ideal to use on walls and ceilings. 

The paint is fairly easy to apply and sometimes require more than a single coat to get the best result. Matte paint can easily be applied with any paint roller or brush and will work great when you want to cover the imperfections on your interior wall. 

  • The only drawback is that matte paint can easily get stained or marked. But the good news is that you can also easily remove the marks or stains using a damp cloth. If you decide to go with this type of paint, just remember that it requires a regular retouching.

Eggshell Paint

  • If you don’t like the smoothness of a satin finish but you want the same kind of extremely subtle shine, then the eggshell paint is for you. It will not highlight any imperfections on the wall which makes it a suitable paint for clean interior walls. 

The paint is easily applied and will mostly cover the entire wall with a single coat making it a good choice for many people. The paint is semi-gloss that usually covers more surface area than the matte paints mentioned above.

Satin Paint

  • Satin paint is very popular amongst homeowners but very few know its actual benefits. The finish is a combination of matte and gloss which ends up producing a very low and soft sheen.

This is ideal for walls that require regular cleaning. However, you should never use satin paint on walls that have imperfections because the paint cannot cover them entirely and will leave an undesirable effect.

Gloss Paint

  • After matte paint, gloss paint is the second most common interior wall paint. It is a paint that can be used on just about any wall but most people prefer using it on woodwork due to the shine it gives. 

Gloss paint will show all imperfections on the wall and if you want to achieve an even coverage on the wall, you will have to use more than a single coat. Also, note that shiny paints such as the gloss paint require a lot of time to dry, so make sure you leave it dry for plenty of hours after you are done with the interior paint job.

  • If an interior painting specialist in Texas is helping you get the walls covered with gloss paint, you may have to leave the house for the night since it will be wet overnight.

Semi-Gloss Paint

  • Semi-Gloss is also common when it comes to interior paints but it is commonly used to paint trims instead of walls. It gives you a very hard finish that is suitable for heavy usage and is also easy to clean with just soap and water. 

The shine this paint produces is less than the full gloss paint mentioned above but it is easier to apply when it comes to achieving a good cover with just a single coat. 

  • Keep in mind that as with all types of paints that produce shine, they will show imperfections on the wall. So make sure that your wall is repaired properly if you choose to go with shiny paint. 

Need Help?

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