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Like creativity? Use chalk paint. Here are some great ideas to decorate your home with chalkboard paint

You go into a coffee shop and find that the specials are written on a surface that looks like a blackboard from school but there is something different about it. You admire the elegance and style it adds to the ambiance of the coffee shop. 

You wish you can have a similar coffee special in your kitchen as well, but don’t know how to replicate it.

We have good news for you. The coffee specials were written on the chalkboard paint which is easily accessible and easy to use. Chalkboard is a type of paint that when applied to wall surfaces, dries quickly. It has a slightly grainy texture similar to the blackboard you use for writing or drawing on it. 

The writings can be erased at any time with the help of a duster or cloth. 

Even better, chalkboard paints aren’t available in black color only. You can choose the color of your liking from the wide spectrum of colors available for the chalkboard paint. Let us take a look at some brilliant and innovative ways of using a chalkboard to decorate your living space. 

Here Some Sophisticated and Chic Ways to Decorate Your Home with Chalkboard Paint

Paint Key Holder with Chalkboard

  • The great thing about a chalkboard is that it can be painted over any surface. If you have a large key holder, paint the vacant surface above the holders with a chalkboard. Keyholders are usually placed at a strategic and important location inside the house. 

You can write your to-do list on the chalkboard painted over the key holder. This will help you remember the things you wish to buy when going out. It will also add a wonderful look to your living room. 

Get Organized by Labelling Your Dresser Drawer

  • Another handy and innovative way of using a chalkboard is to paint it over the dresser drawers. Once it dries, you can label the individual drawer according to the items present in each separate drawer. 

If all items in your dressing drawers have jumbled up, it is time to get organized. First, empty all drawers. Then paint the chalkboard over each drawer. Once it dries, write the name of the item which will go in each drawer. 

  • For e.g. one drawer can be labeled as stockings, the second as cosmetics, and so on. This unique labeling system will not only keep you organized but will also contrast strikingly with pale-colored furniture.

Label Your Pots

If you have decorated your home with indoor plants then we have another fun way for you to make use of chalkboard paint. Paint a small section of the pot in the middle with chalkboard paint. Once it dries, label it with the plant’s name. 

  • This will not only add style to the pot but will also make it more informative.

This is especially helpful if you grow herbs in small pots inside your kitchen. You can easily get confused between the herbs. This style of labeling will save you from adding the wrong herb to your food item. 

What are Some Sophisticated and Chic Ways to Decorate Your Home with Chalkboard Paint - Encore Painting

Decorate Your Home with Chalkboard Paint

  • Usually, wallpapers are everyone’s go-to items for decorating a wall. However, if you want to get creative, use chalkboard paint instead. Paint chalkboard paints over a focal wall and decorate it with graffiti. You can also write motivational quotes on the wall adorned with chalkboard paint. 

The good thing about chalkboard paint is that you can change the design painted on the wall every few days. Chalkboard paint is an inexpensive alternative to wallpapers. 

For more information, contact Encore Painting. They are located in Mckinney, Texas.