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Nothing makes a bolder and louder statement than the color a room has been painted in. Color has the power to transform the vibe and aura of the room effortlessly. Choosing the perfect color for your room involves some rules that one needs to comply with. 

The preferred paint colors keep on changing from time to me. If you are an interior decoration enthusiast, it is important to stay updated regarding the current trends.

If you are going to undertake an interior home painting job we recommend you take a look at the trendiest paint colors of 2020. This year elegant hues and warm tones have been the winners.

Deep Avocado Green

  • Deep avocado green is a somewhat unusual choice of color but once you paint your room in this color, you would not want to go back to any other color. It is deep, rich, and has a nurturing quality to it. Dark gloomy winter days lie ahead and we all look forward to the warmth and love of our homes during these days.

Deep avocado green will brighten up your place in a subtle way and will add exuberant energy to it. This color is actually a blend of all colors of the rainbow so you can understand when we say it is a deeply rich color. Paint your room in deep avocado green and add a pop of white lights to make it glow.

Bold Mononchormes

  • Monochromes have dominated the palette for interior paints for a long time but most monochromes have been in lighter and paler hues. This year we recommend you make a bold statement by opting for a monochrome theme in bolder, darker, and richer colors. Paint your room in kelly green or aubergine.  

Since it is an unusual choice of color, we recommend you to paint one room in bold monochromes. If the result is as good as expected, you can replicate the paint for other rooms as well.

Rich Maroon

  • Red will always dominate, whether it is in our choice of makeup or home paint. This year red’s daring cousin i.e. reddish-brown or rich maroon has been quite popular.  Paint an accent or focal wall in a reddish-brown color. It will contrast strikingly well with wooden furniture.

Warm Beige

Beige has always been a popular choice of color for interior painting, but over the years it got replaced by different hues of gray. However, this year beige has made a comeback. It is now the preferred choice of interior designers to paint focal and accent walls.

  • Beige colored rooms have a chic, neutral, warm, and sophisticated vibe. A room painted in beige can be decorated with wood furniture. It will enhance the natural and soothing impact of the color. 

Which are the Trendiest Paint Colors for 2020? - Encore Painting

Transitional Blues

Blues have never gone out of style for interior painting. Every year we see a couple of blues and greys that dominate the color palette. However each year we see different and evolved undertones of blues. Let us see which shades of blue are trending this year. 

  • This year we have seen an inclination towards richer and warmer hues of blue. Transitional blues have warm undertones of yellow and violet/indigo. As for the lighter shades of blue, they have trended towards cooler hues and undertones.

Interior designers agree that the colors mentioned above will give an instant boost and lift to your home. If you are looking for more ideas, contact Encore Painting. They are located in Mckinney, Texas. They offer services for interior painting and can help you decide which colors to paint your home in.