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Home painting is often considered the ultimate DIY project, particularly when it involves interior rooms. So why hire a professional painting contractor instead of taking a couple of weekend days to paint?

Benefits of Professional Residential Painting Services

Hiring pros to do your interior painting job or exterior paint project does more than just save you time and labor. Hiring the right painting contractors ensures that your home is treated right from start to finish.


  • Professional painting prep goes above and beyond.
    • After moving out furniture or gathering any immovable pieces to the center of the room, all fixtures, switch plates, and other hardware will be removed or completed covered for protection.
    • Any items that cannot be moved out of the room will be covered completely with high-quality, heavy drop cloths�a pro team will make sure of this, as they will not risk damage to your personal property.
    • The room will be given a thorough cleaning to eliminate all dust, dirt, and any cobwebs from the floors, floorboards, and other elements.
    • The walls will be cleaned with a mild detergent, rinsed, and allowed to dry completely.
    • Any cracks, fissures, nail holes, and other indents and imperfections will be filled in with caulk or spackle and then sanded if necessary.
  • Pro painters know how to prime right.
    • Many DIY-ers skip priming. Professional painting contractors never do because it�s the most critical step in the painting process.
    • Your painting team will apply a primer that matches the type of paint they are using to paint your room(s).
    • The primer covers stains and imperfections on the walls.
    • Primer creates a coverage layer over any areas that have been spackled, sanded, or otherwise repaired so that they don�t show through the paint.
    • Primer helps the paint adhere to the wall better and extends the life of the paint job.
  • Precision application by professionals ensures a refined, polished look.
    • Professional residential painters go above and beyond to execute a quality job. Their experience has earned them an arsenal of skills and techniques that enable them to meet any painting challenge with confidence. �
  • Painting trim is best left to the experts!
    • Painting trim neatly requires precision and skill. Experienced painting contractors have the trim technique down. They�ll use paintable wood filler to repair any cracks or indentations, which will be followed by a good sanding, before painting.


Home exteriors require a different kind of labor than interior room painting does. There are a lot of variables that can affect the job. A painting professional has seen and done it all. Consider these factors when you are deciding whether or not to hire a professional painting contractor to paint your home�s exterior.

  • Exterior painting prep is hard work.
    • A professional exterior painting team will be able to power-wash your home with care before prepping it for paint. At Encore Painting, we know how to power-wash different exterior materials to avoid damage. We use a specialized exterior cleaning agent to remove all dirt, soil, and debris from the home, resulting in a perfectly prepped surface.
    • Removing old paint is a necessity when painting a home�s exterior. An experienced pro will be able to do this job�which requires scraping and scrubbing�far more quickly than a DIY-er.
    • Caulking and repairing must be done before the paint is applied. Again, this is time-consuming work, particularly when your home has two or more stories and/or a lot of trim work and detail.
  • Priming the exterior ensures a lasting paint job.
    • Your painting contractor will be able to determine the best primer for your home�s exterior materials and the paint you�ve chosen. It�s critical to get this mix right or the primer won�t be as effective.
    • Applying the primer to the entire exterior adds a significant amount of time to the job.
  • For many homes, a complete paint job requires extensive time on a ladder. Laboring on a ladder is not for the inexperienced.
    • A professional painting term is well-trained in fall protection and will know how to work from a ladder safely.
    • Another benefit of hiring professionals to paint the exterior of your home is that there will likely be a team of painters doing the job, decreasing the finish time significantly.

Get the Pro Advantage: Hire Qualified Painting Contractors

If you want your home to look its very best�inside and out�pro is the way to go. Professional painting contractors have years of experience and skill-building that they bring to every project.

Do you have questions about professional painting contractors in the Collin County area? Want to know how much a professional residential paint job costs? At Encore Painting, we�re happy to answer any questions you have. Give us a call at 972-464-7205.